One textile. Two treatments. Three functions.
3XDRY® treatments combine two technologies into one textile:
On the outside the textile is finished with a water-repellent function, whereas on the fabric’s inside it absorbs perspiration. The treatment does not affect the appearance, hand or the air permeability features of the fabric

Schoeller Technologies AG:
Pioneering developments for tomorrow's demands
With it
s domicile in Switzerland, Schoeller Technologies AG is a globally active licensing company for innovative textile technologies. It furthers the develop-ment of new pioneering textile technologies through the deployment of international and interdisciplinary R&D teams and holds the intellectual property rights (patents and trademarks). Besides its allocation of technology and trademark licenses, the company organises the world-wide availability together with selected distribution partners. In addition, Schoeller Technologies AG distributes technology products and supports licensees in technical matters, as well as in marketing and sales.
Interdisciplinary and practical research work
Schoeller Technologies AG, in close collaboration with Schoeller Textil AG, promotes and coordinates challenging research and development projects for future oriented textile innovations, thereby initiating high value added to them.
the efforts of united international and interdisciplinary research teams, complex synergies from informatics, electronics, bionics, chemistry or physics are made applicable for the textile industry.
Parallel to these scientific developmental steps of a project, the findings are periodically put into practice in test runs at the modern Schoeller Textil AG production facility. This pragmatic approach ensures a sustained flow of functional applications.

Branding as a distinguished feature of quality

new promising developments, Schoeller Technologies AG accomplishes the patenting of the technologies as well as the registration of respective trademarks. Moreover, it manages timely branding and guides the strategic marketing.
Besides the functional benefits of any new development, great value is placed on lasting environmental and responsible production methods.
Technologies of Schoeller have been internationally acclaimed on many occasions and also applied in first class brands world-wide.
Acquisition of Schoeller know-how on a licensing level
Innovative technologies like 3XDRY®, NanoSphere® and coldblack® have already been successfully realised on a licensing basis. Together with selected partners, Schoeller Technologies AG ensures a global production network and, with it, the world-wide availability and application of technologies of this kind for all textiles. Licensees receive targeted marketing support as well as state of the art know-how about the technology and production processes.

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