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Freedom to wear your clothing - The 2 B Free says it all. One of the most eclectic and psychedelic lines embracing comfort and stylishness in one. It has already captured the eyes of many famous fashionistas such as Jessica Simpson, Madonna, Paris Hilton, Carmen Electra and Alyssa Milano giving sporty elegance a new celebrity shine. Dazzling artwork has never looked so good on casual clothing. So chic this line will take your comfort to a new level and give more spunk to an artsy soul.
2BFree was born from the vision of two brothers, Cedric and Yves Benaroch, who just three years ago took the simplest of silhouette’s, hardware and fabrics to create a signature style that redefines “rock n roll” casual ware.

Fusing tie-dye with rhinestones and nail heads, 2 B Free created a fit and look that was not only sexy, but modern and ultimately wearable. Yves and Cedric Benaroch 25 and 24 respectfully, are the creators of Los Angeles fashion phenomenon 2 B Free, which gained its highest notoriety and entree’ into the world of the fashion elite, during the Spring 2004 Smashbox Fashion Week in Los Angeles, with Hollywood heavyweights, Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart in attendance. Beginning with a simple, yet ultra sexy women’s tank, 2 B free has in three years, introduced an eclectic and diverse complete line for both women. The feature item in the line, the low rise sweat pant and the signature rear printed Fleur De Lis logo, has graced the pages of top magazines from Teen to People to Elle and beyond, also adorning famous fashionistas Madonna, Paris Hilton, Nicky Hilton, Carmen Electra, Jessica Simpson, Tara Reid, Nicole Ritchie and Alyssa Milano, to name a few. Endless creativity married with a vision for fusing the past with the current, in a manner that creates a style that is uniquely “2BFree,” has garnered these two young artists a position at the forefront of the world of high end casual wear.

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