Admiral Cars Insurance


Admiral specialise in providing low cost car insurance for younger drivers, people living in cities and those driving performance cars. If any of these apply to you, why not get a quote! You could even save up to 10% online.

If you have two or more private cars in your household then MultiCar could save you even more money. You could get 23% discount on your car insurance and can start a MultiCar policy with just one car! Discounts in excess of 23% are available to policies with 4 or 5 cars. Two drivers and two cars typically receive a 10% discount.

Husband, wife, partner, brother, daughter, friend or even if you have 2 or more cars yourself! As long as the cars are registered at the same address then you could start saving. Even if you have a son or daughter away at university, they can be covered too.
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Who is Admiral?

Admiral was launched in 1993, with the aim of offering lower premiums to more people. We don't just provide insurance for people who are traditionally seen as safer drivers. We are interested in people who currently pay high premiums, that is, young drivers, performance car drivers, people who live in cities and often a combination of these!

We have also started to explore foreign markets and have recently launched - our German direct car insurance specialist.

Admiral is the trading name of EUI Limited. Insurance is effected between EUI Limited and certain insurers as listed on your Certificate of Motor Insurance. Its registered number is 2686904 and its registered address is:

Capital Tower
Greyfriars Road
CF10 3AZ

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